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The Benefits of CCTV Installations

CCTV Installations for SecurityCCTV Installations (4)

There are considerable advantages to having CCTV installations for security. It is regarded as a highly effective solution to protecting and safeguarding property and premises. It has become a popular choice for security in recent years. Especially, since technology in CCTV systems has advanced becoming increasingly sophisticated. Therefore, we thought it would be valuable to talk about some of the benefits quality CCTV installations can provide.

Criminal Deterrent

The risk of being victim to any kind of criminal activity such as theft, robbery or burglary within your property is not uncommon. Considering the potential for these threats it is advisable to have preventative security measures. A popular choice is CCTV installations (closed-circuit television) allowing users of videos cameras to monitor the interior and exterior of a property, transmitting the signal to various devices. Technical advancements allow these images to be streamed to almost any device to be monitored such as laptops, mobiles and tablets. They work as a deterrent because of their visible presence to intruders. This often makes opportunists think twice before trying to commit a crime or enter a property.

Improved Home Insurance

Installing security systems such as CCTV potentially reduces the risk of becoming a target for criminal activity. Generally, this reflects positively towards the cost of your home insurance often reducing prices.

Personal Safeguards

Consideration must be given to individuals rights to freedom and if people act in accordance with the law, they are free to wander at will and behave as they wish. Furthermore, there is legislation in force that govern the installation of CCTV cameras on premises, and the public have the right to see footage of themselves held by any company who has filmed them. Additionally, such filmed records cannot be held indefinitely and by law must be destroyed as soon as a reasonable period has elapsed. However, footage can be used in evidence were a crime has been committed were authorised by a judge. These legal requirements are safeguards to ensure that public is secure in the knowledge they are not being profanely observed by the state or commercial bodies.

Peace of MindCCTV Installations (3)

Generally, CCTV provides increased peace of mind allowing for greater reassurance that a property is protected especially in areas associated with higher crime rates. With the enhanced sophistication of wireless CCTV systems that can be monitored from smartphones and tablets furthers the ability to monitor home security at a person’s convenience. Therefore, homeowners can have the freedom and confidence to maintain an active working lifestyle and be away from their property with the benefit of it being protected.

CCTV Installations & System Advice

This article was written with help from the CCTV installations team at Standguard Security Systems, an industry specialist in manufacturing and CCTV systems. You can easily find the source of this information and a great deal more about CCTV and home security systems from their website Standguard Security Systems, 633 Nuthall Road, Nottingham, NG8 6AF, 0115 913 0372,


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