CCTV Nottingham

CCTV NottinghamStandguard Security designs and installs CCTV security systems throughout Nottingham and the UK. We’ve installed CCTV systems for over 10 years, and our considerable experience installing the CCTV Nottingham needs ensures that we’ll be able to advise you on the perfect installation for your situation.

Specialist CCTV Nottingham Installations

Every individual installation is completely unique. Because every building is different, with different access points and points of surveillance, each site needs to be surveyed and each installation needs to be professionally designed.

CCTV is becoming an increasingly present technology, not only for local councils and authorities, but increasingly for businesses and private properties. With video equipment becoming and more advanced, CCTV Nottingham systems are essential for gathering evidence. We continually update our systems and technologies to ensure that our customers always have access to the best available equipment. Standguard Systems chooses the best equipment to suit a range of budgets.

CCTV Networks

network-cctv-nottinghamStandguard Security Systems also install networked CCTV, a system which allows for remote surveillance via local network or the Internet. This technology means that business owners can review their sites even when they’re away for business trips or holidays. Real-time surveillance also offers system streamlining and up-to-date system status checks.

Complete Installation of Hi-Spec Home CCTV Nottingham Systems

  • Home CCTV NottinghamDigital Video Recorded with 250GB hard drive, 4 Channels, Quad-Display, Motion Detection and many more features.
  • Hi-Res, colour, Day and Night Camera with Infra-Red for night time surveillance (1 Camera supplied).
  • Connects to your own TV


£459 including VAT
Additional Cameras £139, maximum 4 Cameras per System