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Security strategies for families on the move

If you are looking to move house, then you are probably aware that you are vulnerable to many risks including loss and fraud. It’s unfortunate that there are many scammers and con artists around, especially at a time which should be happy for you and your family. Moving into a new home is a memorable time, and one that you should cherish. When you move house, you must always remember to put security first, coming up with a moving strategy is a great idea, not only for organisation, but also for your security.

electric gates

electric gates

Contact your home security provider

If you already have a home surveillance system in place then contact the provider as sometimes they will allow you to move the system with you to your new home. If you don’t have a security system in place, then it’s worth looking up, whether that’s security cameras, electric gates, or a fully controlled surveillance system, it’s worth implementing some kind of security measure for your new home.


Take your time when picking a moving company

Always do thorough research when it comes to choosing your moving company, there are far too many con artists out there, or companies who won’t do the job properly. Always ensure you look at reviews of the company to ensure they are legitimate, ask local people to see if they’ve heard of the company, and if you do choose to use them, always ensure you sign a contract with them. Keep your stabdards high when it comes to your security and your home.

Take a detailed inventory

It’s always a brilliant idea to keep a list of your valuable possessions. This is great for your use too, as you can keep track of what valuables have been moved, it’s also a great idea, as you can keep track of anything that may go missing. An inventory is particularly great for high value items, that are precious to you.

Think about moving valuables on your own

For additional peace of mind, move your high valuable items, or precious items on your own, that way you will know they are in your safe keeping, and you don’t have to worry.

Meet your new neighbours

Being friendly with your new neighbours is very important, as this will form a new set of eyes on your property. If you become friendly with your neighbours, you know that they will be able to keep check of your property if you are out, and this will give you additional peace of mind, especially if you don’t know the area that well.

Upgrade your locks immediately

This is one of the most important steps you can take when moving to a new home. Changing your locks is so important, as you don’t know who may have a set of spare keys to your home. It will give you added security, and may also give you an opportunity to upgrade your locks if you so wish.

Whether your looking for simple security solutions to your home, you want to install security surveillance, or want to install electric gates, always ensure you call a reputable company to do the job. If you want to find out more about security for your home see the original article here:

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